Semorr 4K Pro Microscope

by BONDENT, made in china
5 years Warranty 


  • Vario focus 180 - 460mm
  • Zoom magnifications 3.6x - 23.3x
  • FOV: 132 - 9.7mm
  • Built-in 4K camera system for higher-quality imaging
  • Same light power after continuous zooming (Powerful not affected)
  • Light source: Built-in LED light source, with continuous adjustable luminance 80K lux and more
  • 60,000 working hours light life span
  • Continuous Magnification System
  • Continuous Education Support
  • Coil spring torque adjustment
  • Balanced Arm
  • New Optical design, Extreme visual experience 
  • New Era of IOT (share in real-time control modes Mobile, Tablets
  • Surface-coated antibacterial nano-silver ion